Eco-friendly Designer Pillows by Mazizmuse

What better way to spice up your living room, bedroom, or patio then with gorgeous designer pillows. They are not plain and traditional. They come in a variety of fun and modern patterns. The pillows are one of a kind. Laura, the designer and owner of Mazizmuse, does not mass produce. You can even have them custom made to match your couch and so on.  I personally haven’t bought any but if I had my own house and had $$ I would totally get some. I went to Laura’s house last Christmas and the pillows fit nicely with the whole ambiance of her living room. The room looked just like one of those you see on tv after a room makeover. It was very chic, hip, and designer-esque!
Btw, she even won Vancouver Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer of the Year Award 2004.
To get ready for the summer, Laura will launch a set of pillows to use for the deck, patio, and garden on June 8th. I will update ya’ll when the whole collection comes out.
Black & White Jail Time Stripes
This is one of her outdoorsy pillows. I really like it. It has crisp lines. You can never go wrong with classic black and white pattern. The reserve side is just plain black.
Ivory Silk and White Linen Victorian Ruffled Pillow
WunderKammer Inspired Dragonfly Pillow
Spring Green and Hand Paint Black Graphics Pillow
Turquoise Blue Racing Stripe with Hot Pink on Soft Cashmere Wool Pillow
Floral Print Toil with Silk Piped Trim Pillow
These are just some of pillows Laura sells that I really like. Go and check them out. Discounts? Of course… I will keep you updated via Twitter.  BUT if you buy 2 pillows (excluding sale items) shipping is FREE.  She is also eco-friendly in regards to the packaging and the pillows itself.

From the fabrics and materials I work with, gift wrapping or shipping materials I use, natural fibers and biodegradable/recyclable materials are my first choice whenever possible. It’s important that my suppliers and partners are conscientious about their impact on the planet and promote Green initiatives as part of their business too.

Note: All pictures below belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infrigement.

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  2. I am new to this world of blogging and social media. I am an owner of a design studio/furniture store in Grand Rapids MI. We are starting a designer pillow company and are set to launch and go live July 11th. Needless to say we are super excited, if we can sell pillows over the web like we do in our store it’ll be a success. I just started this blog and am just snooping around wordpress to get acquainted with it all. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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