Durable Designer Summer Patio & Deck Pillows by Mazizmuse

Mazizmuse’s summer collection is officially out with durable summer patio and deck pillows. They are water resistant, stain resistant, and won’t fade in the sun.  Purchase here.
The first two I’m going to show u are very patriotic and great to decorate your patio, deck or garden if you are planning on having an outdoor 4th of July or Canada Day party. Its great to show your pride even if you are not planning a party.
July 1stCanada Day
July 4th
Turquoise and Orange  Block
The above mentioned pattern has different color combinations that you can choose from.
Espresso and Orange Bauhaus
Black and White Strip Jail Time
I featured this pillow in my previous post about Mazizmuse pillows as a sneak peak of the summer collection.
Last but not least…. if you purchase a pillow insert, shipping will be refunded to you 🙂 Happy shopping and spicing up ur backyard!!
Note: Pictures belong to Laura, designer and owner of Mazizmuse. No copyright enfringement.

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