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Review – Annabelle Smudge Liner

“This is a poor girl’s Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Liner” Someone said this on a review on Youtube. It is so true!! Basically this liner looks and works just like the Urban Decay one. They even have Continue reading

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Stay Moisturized in the Summer

I have oily skin on my face but for the rest of my body I tend to have dry skin. It seems to me my skin gets drier in the summer for some reason. It started about a month ago. I had to apply TONS of moisturizer. I’m gonna share with you some moisturizers I think are great to keep your skin glowy and hydrated. Continue reading

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How to deck out your patio for the summer?

So Mazizmuse came out with a collection of pillows for the patio. The best way to enhance any patio, deck, or garden is with accents. Pillows are great cuz they are one of the larger items that catches people’s eye aside from the furniture. In a previous post I posted some pictures and names of the different pillows. Below I am only going to post the new pictures of how you can place them on the wicker chair and so forth. Continue reading

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