Stay Moisturized in the Summer

I have oily skin on my face but for the rest of my body I tend to have dry skin. It seems to me my skin gets drier in the summer for some reason. It started about a month ago. I had to apply TONS of moisturizer.  I’m gonna share with you some moisturizers I think are great to keep your skin glowy and hydrated.
My favourite one of all is the Victoria’s Secret Ultra Softening Body Butter. They come 12 different floral and fruity scents in a very generous 200g tub. The scent is quite strong so try not to sniff it right out of the tub. I find when I use it I don’t need to spray on any perfume or anything. The texture of the body butter is a mousse consistency. It applies on your skin very smoothly and it gives that needed moisture.  It consists of aloe vera, vitamin E, shea and olive oils.   The one I got is Love Spell. It is a mix of cherry blossom, peach, and white jasmine. This is my favourite scent of all their body butters. I would not recommend the body lotions as much. They are more runny in consistency and not as moisturizing.
Victoria’s Secret has a sale right now where you can mix and match and of these Body Lotion & Butter, Body Mist Body Hand & Body Cream, Eau de Toilette Spray, Bath & Shower Cream.
3 for $24
5 for $30
8 for $35 (best deal of all)
La Senza used to carry the Victoria’s Secret lotions, sprays, etc. I just checked their website and it seems like they no longer carry them.  They however have very similar products but in the La Senza brand. I can’t speak for the consistency and scents. But I think that they are quite similar. Even the packaging is soo alike.
Purchase >
Another similar product is Bath & Body Works Body Butter. They come 23 different floral and fruity scents in a very generous 200g tub.  They have a more muted scent. That doesn’t mean that they smell bad. Its better for people who are allergic to heavy smells and also it doesn’t overpower everything. It is a very thick cream consistency. Sometimes I find it hard to blend on my super dry skin especially if you want to spread it over larger areas at a time. Maybe if you live in a warmer place the product might warm up a bit and make it easier to apply. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as Oat, Rice, and Soybean Oils.  The one I have is in Cherry Blossom. This one is the least overpowering scent of them all. I also like other scents (I have them in hand creams and anti bacteria hand gels) such as Warm Vanilla Sugar, Sweet Pea (this one is quite strong smelling), and Sea Island Cotton.
They also have a sale going on where you get buy 3 get 2 free or buy 2 get 1 free. Great chance to try out a variety of scents. I suggest you smelling them before picking them out if possible. If you are like me and you live in Canada then you have to go by gut feeling. I was lucky cuz my mom took a trip with her girl friends last summer to Portland, Oregon and got some products for me.
Purchase >
The next 2 I will be mentioning are more generic type lotions that you can get at an afordable price at the drugstore.
I love the St. Ives Restoring 24-Hour Moisture. It comes in a pump container with 600ml. And for its price around 5 bucks its a great deal. Don’t quote me on the price cuz I’m not quite sure. It has shea butter that locks in the moisture on your skin for up to 24 hrs.  It s 100% natural and package contains 20% post-consumer recyclable material. I got the mini travel sized one in 60ml. You can find it in the section where they sell all sorts of travel sized beauty items. Its small so I can carry it in my purse and apply it whenever my hands gets dried. It goes on very silky and leaves your hands really smooth. I find it works best for hands as opposed to your whole body.
Last but not least is the Replenishing Mineral Therapy Lotion. This is your typical generic body lotion. It is formulated for dry skin so it is not too runny but also not too thick. It comes in a pump container with a generous size of 600ml for about 5 bucks. Again don’t quote me on the price. It is said to restore the skin to its optimal moisture level. It s 100% natural and package contains 20% post-consumer recyclable material. I would use this all over my body. I tend to gravitate towards this one when I don’t feel like anything special. I also tend to keep one of these moisturizing generic lotions around. You still spray your body mist or perfume over it. That’s the great thing.

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