Urban Fusions – Chic Glass Fused Accessories

actual size shown
If you are very into artsy and unique accessories then Urban Fusions is for you. Urban Fusions is owned by Jen who also designs and creates these special accessories which range from earrings, pendant necklaces, cuff links, to belt buckles. Everything is created by melting class. Glass fusion is basically the art of stacking and layering raw fusible art glass. Everything is done by herself through many years of trial and error. Very impressive for something such high quality. And did I mention she is based in Vancouver? For ya’ll that wanna support local artisans.
I went to the Burnaby’s Farmer’s Market and was mesmerized by her crafts. I have seen nothing like this. It took me a long time.. I mean really long time.. to pick what I want. I wasn’t too into the cuff links and belt buckles so I won’t be talking about them. But a quick note…belts are sold separately for $14 USD.  Jen was selling the earrings for $20 a pair, small pendants for $14 and large pendants for $25. If you buy a pre-made set of earrings and pendants its only $40 so basically you get 5 bucks off. You can pay 5 bucks more to get a cord or chain for the pendant. Since I already have a couple chains I didn’t bother.
Also, they cost more if you purchase online from her Etsy store since you can only sell in U.S. dollars. For example, a large pendant online can also be 25 bucks but in Canadian dollars thats way more than 25. Shipping is really cheap tho.
$2 – Canadan
$3 – U.S.
$4 – Anywhere else
The earrings were pretty small so I passed on it. Really cute tho. The small pendants also didn’t grab my attention as much. They are more square shape. BTW… all the corners are rounded so you don’t have to worry about getting poked etc. The large pendants come in rectangular, oval, and oblong shapes.  The size is equivalent to one and half of the MAC or Annabelle pan form eyeshadows.  Some are pretty holographic too. I chose the one with the green and pink. Its really cute and goes with a lot of my outfits. I would’ve purchased more but I’m really outta money now LOL!!
They are pretty high quality like I said so you don’t have to worry about them chipping and all that jazz. The loop at the top where you string your chain or cord thru is very sturdy. Some loops has a tiny gab in them so they sometimes fall off your chain. This loop has no gap whatsoever.
I won’t be showcasing everything she has cuz there is quite a lot.
Pink and Blue
I was contemplating for a long time whether to get this one or not.

Opportunity Knocks
Luscious Green
Best Friends
Organic Blue
StormRetroMission To Mars
I believe she is at the Burnaby Farmer’s Market every Sat this summer from 9am – 2pm. It is located near Deer Lake Pkwy & Canada Way in Burnaby BC just right across from Burnaby Central Secondary School. I suggest you park there since there is not other parking available.
Official Website >>
Purchase >>
Disclaimer: All pictures belong to Urban Fusions. No copyright infringement.

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  1. chic glass fused accessories is a great concept and the accessories also look great…

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