Johnson’s Baby Oil – Different Ways To Use It

Here is a great tip using a product you can find at a drugstore for a very decent price. Based on the title… you’ve guessed it. BABY OIL!! It can be any brand. I have only tried the Johnson’s Baby Oil b/c my skin sometimes react to certain products and I thought this is a well trusted brand. So I can’t speak for the quality of other brands.
The baby oil I got has aloe vera and vitamin E to extra soothe and moisturize. It is also clinically proven to be mild so its great for babies just as the name said it is lol. Its even better if you are a mother of babies, toddlers, or infants. You’d probably already have the baby oil in your stash.  And last but not least it is hypoallergenic.
There are several uses for this:
1) Great for removing makeup… If you only want to remove some eyeshadow, lets say you are just trying out a color combination, then dip a cotton bud (or Q-Tip as most people say it) into the baby oil and gently run it over your shadows. For removal of full eye makeup (shadows, liners, and mascaras) soak a cotton round (not cotton ball) with baby oil then hold it on the eye for 5-10 secs before you start rubbing it off. The baby oil will dilute the makeup making it easier to remove.
2)Great for dried/ cracked feet… I like to apply it to the bottoms of my feet b/c that is where it is the driest and roughest. I would massage it into my feet so that it isn’t too oily. I would top it off with a thick cream preferably a foot cream (body butter works too). I would wear socks to keep the moisture in. I would do this more so in the winter b/c its too hot to wear socks in the summer and also at night when your feet is resting and not walking around. I do find my feet more dry in the summer but I just use thick cream… again b/c its too hot to wear a sock after to lock in the moisture.
3) Great for manicures… I apply it to my clean hands after I soak my hands in hot water then I buff, cut, and file my nails. And yes clean your hands prior to everything. Btw… I can do a whole thing on manicures if ya’ll like (um.. not showing you but explaining lol). Then you can apply the baby oil which will soothe and soften your hands.  Then apply your nail polish of choice.
Depending on the size of the bottle you get, price can vary. It should be no more than 10 bucks.

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  1. ang says:

    Thanks for the post. I found it quite useful.


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