How to tell if a skincare/makeup product is really natural?

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Natural skincare and makeup products are very “IN” these days b/c they are great for the skin and great for the environment. A lot of people think that if a product is labeled natural that there is 95-100% natural ingredients in it. If you are like the rest of them you are WRONG!
Not all products with natural ingredients are considered natural products. Lets say a product claims to be very soothing for sunburns b/c it contains Aloe Vera.. you know they only have to include a slight trace of Aloe and can be 1% or even less and have subtitles on the label stating “with Aloe Vera”. (Note: Not saying all Aloe Vera products are bad ok?). This goes to show that there are a lot of chemical fillers in the product and the Aloe Vera (or w/e is claimed to be natural) probably doesn’t even have any effect on you. Make sure the natural ingredients claimed on the product is listed somewhat early on in the list of products.
A natural product MUST NOT contain Sulfates (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate), Parabens (Methyl-, Propyl-, Ethyl-, Butyl-), Petrochemicals (petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin), Chemical Sunscreens. If a product has a natural ingredients and some mineral oils… its not natural anymore.
Certified organic products are better but still not the best. In order for a product to be certified organic, it only needs 70% of the ingredients to be organic. That means you still get 30% of fillers. But hey its better than having 1% natural and the 99% chemical like most products. Also the product must be endorsed by the Natural Products Association and have The Natural Seal imprinted on the label.
One of the trusted brands is Bare Minerals. Not all their products are organic or natural but quite a few of them are. They have the seal by the way. Also really natural products tend to only have a few ingredients. This is true with everything. I was buying a hot sauce the other day… and one of the brands had only 4 ingredients or so  and they were all things you could buy at the store individually like salt, garlic, vinegar etc.
Long story short, real your labels!

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