Drugstore Foundations

I’ve been testing out a lot of foundations lately from drugstore plus ones that I have tried in the past.  Mind you I haven’t tried every single foundation from the drugstore. I will list them from best to worse.

1) Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Combination/Oily Skin… For the longest time I was hesitant to use this foundation b/c of many reviews saying it is heavy coverage. I thought to myself that must mean cakey and BAD. I tried it and I am in love with this foundation. Now I know why people who have used it don’t tend to see other drugstore foundations as good anymore.
2) L’oreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup… this was the first liquid foundation that I fell in love with and used for over a year. It blends easily, not too oily, and gives just the right amount of coverage for daily use. The reason I stopped using it is b/c the shade does not match me. I might use it again in the summer when the shade is more correct.
Foundation Routine ft. L’oreal True Match:

3) NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup… First thing that gravitated me for this foundation is the price. All drugstore foundations are now at least 8 bucks. Some even close to 20 bucks like the Revlon ColorStay. Plus I’ve tried so many other products from NYC and loved them. I’d have to say this foundation does not give much coverage but it is quite buildable. Since it is a bit of a moussey texture (its in a glass bottle type thing so I thought the foundation would be runny but when I tipped it over nothing came out… btw gotta store it upside down) it doesn”t blend as fast. Don’t use a lot of product if you want heavier coverage. Build it up gradually. Not a lot of staying power but very good for an everyday natural look (ok not soooooo tinted moisturizer natural). It’s #3 on my list b/c of price and I got the correct shade so I can actually use it.

4) Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation… it is a good foundation for everyday wear if you are combination skin or normal skin or dry skin. It gives similar coverage as the L’oreal True Match and it blends just as well. The only issue I really have is the shade I choose. It is too dark so it bothers me when I wear it. I may use this in the summer.
5) Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation... kinda disappointed that it did not live up to its claim. I have really oily skin and hoped that the foundation would do wonders. Too cakey (never had a fouddation that caked up on me so bad) when applied with a flat top brush and tooo sheer when I use my hands. I do use this as a tinted moisturizer (apply with my hands) on days if I am going grocery shopping with my mom and such (I have done it once).
Review –>
6) Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation… Did I mention that I never had a foundation that was soooooooooo hard to blend (yes its thick) and got sooooooo oily on my face. AND the shade is tooo dark (I got 18 when I should prolly be 12). Makeup artists or beauty people at stores never know how to match me 😦 Coverage wise yes it does give medium to heavy coverage. Lasting ability… YES. And it comes in a squeezy tube so you can easily just squeeze the amount you want on your brush directly.  I have seen review of people liking this product… so I would assume if you have drier skin this might work for you. It’s quite affordable especially if you are in the UK.

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