My MAC Neutral Palette w/ Annabelle Shadows

GLOSSette here!!! I was just organizing my palette today since I got a couple of new shades recently and they don’t all fit in my MAC palette. What I ended up doing is to stick my neutral and earthy tones (since I do have 3 greenish shades) in the MAC palette and stick the rest of my Annabelle eyeshadows (pink and blues) in a Annabelle quad. All the shadows are Annabelle except for two. Some may look like a piece is taken out of the eyeshadow is because I sucked at depotting when I did last summer after I bought the palette so yeah. Also sorry about the lighting. I know a lot of the first row looks like the same color. I’ll list all the colors and tell ya’ll which ones I like and what not.
Top Row (left to right)Vanilla Chilla (semi-matte light skintone color), Femme Fi (MAC… similar to Vanilla Chilla but velux pearl finish), Gleam (satin light skintone color with a gold undertone), Helium (satin light skintone color with a pink undertone), and Toxic Garden (satin light green)
Middle Row (left to right)Gold Digger (shimmery true gold…not yellow gold), Style Snob (MAC… starflash taupey brown), Suedine (velux pearl medium brown) , Divine Diva (shimmery brown with red undertones), Vert-To-Go (shimmery dark olive green)
Bottom Row (left to right)So Foxy (matte dark brown), 2 blank spots (will fill when I get more colors), Fantasy (satin teal green), Ebony (matte black)
First Row – As you can tell the first row is mostly highlight/lid colors.
Second Row – These are mostly crease/ transition colors except for Gold Digger. Some may be a tad too dark for crease so I use for outer corner color. I do wish I have some transition colors… aka colors that are couple shades darker than my skintone and to be worn on the crease. I will purchase some when I have the money. I will have to go for transition colors from other trios/quads that I have.
Third Row –  These colors are definitely dark and made for outter corner color to give the eyes some definition except for Fantasy.
Favorite Highlight Color – Vanilla Chilla… most of the shades I use are a bit shimmery so I like to highlight with a matte color. This is the only skintone color I have closest to a matte finish. It’s especially great when I’m doing a smokey or more dramatic eye and want to clean up the edges.
Favorite Lid Color – Femme Fi… it’s almost like Vanilla Chilla but is it more dimensional since it is a velux pearl finish. I hope to never run out of this color since it is limited edition and I don’t live anywhere close to a CCO. I got it when I went to Cali last summer.
Other Lid Colors – Sometimes I like to use a mix of Gleam and Helium for a wash of color over the lid. Toxic Garden is a good lid color too if I am doing a green look.
First Ever Combo – I started out with Vanilla Chilla as highlight, Gold Digger as lid color, and So Foxy as crease/outter corner color. That was when I was first experimenting with eyeshadows and the first time I bought individual colors. Sometimes for beginners its easier to use trios or quads such as for Covergirl cuz the colors are already pre-assembled.
Favorite Crease Color – I tend to grab Style Snob. It is a lighter version of Satin Taupe. Both shades are MAC. I would say get Satin Taupe if you want a similar color since Style Snob is no longer in existence. Sometimes if I want more color payoff then I would mix it with Suedine.
Favorite Outter Corner Color – I tend to go for So Foxy since that is the darkest true brown color I have in the palette. It is perfect since it is matte.  Sometimes if its too intense I like to mix it with Divine Diva since it has a redder undertone so it tones it down.
Other Colors – I don’t tend to go for Ebony since it’s not the best matte black that I have. Also I don’go for blacks often but if I do it would be a outter corner color. It is great for setting liquid or gel liner too.
Smokey Eyes – Fantasy is great for a smokey blue/green look all over the lid.  Vert-to-go is good for dark green smokey eye too. Any combo of middle row brown colors and So Foxy make great brown smokey eyes.
Verdict.… You can honestly make as many combinations as you want with these colors. I love them to death. I would go for them over MAC eyeshadows any day. They are regular priced at $4.99 so about 1/3 of the cost of a MAC one. I do have to say tho that the quality is only 80 to 85% that of MAC. But I don’t care. I HEART them. Hope you enjoyed checking out my palette.
Until Next Time

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I am just an average gal in her mid 20's trying to live life in this money eating world. I love all things to do with makeup, beauty, organization, and living on a budget. I have two Youtube channels "xxlostintranslationx" and "TheGLOSSette". My blog is just an extension of Youtube as well as quirky things I do and find in my daily life.
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