New Font What Ya’ll Think?

GLOSSette here!! I was on one of the beauty blogs I usually read and she had a very nice font and all. I was like how’d you do that. I guess it was done nicely for her since she uses blogger. One thing I don’t like about wordpress is that unless you paying and using the .org one you cannot use ready made fancy templates that people have up for grab on their site and you can’t have fancy fonts. But there is always the HTML function where I can change things per blog post. I hate fidgeting with it since I am horrible with it. I learned HTML years ago and I know how the tags look like and what not. I googled the code for changing fonts. Its not hard to use so I used it. The only downfall is that I can’t use my fave font that I downloaded onto my computer cuz not everyone has it. If you don’t have that font my blog will automatically revert to Times New Roman and how boring of a font is that right? Anywhoo, hope ya’ll like the new font.



About GLOSSette

I am just an average gal in her mid 20's trying to live life in this money eating world. I love all things to do with makeup, beauty, organization, and living on a budget. I have two Youtube channels "xxlostintranslationx" and "TheGLOSSette". My blog is just an extension of Youtube as well as quirky things I do and find in my daily life.
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2 Responses to New Font What Ya’ll Think?

  1. Tanisha says:

    I like it. Looks really good.

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