NYC IndividualEyes Custom Compact Review and Swatches

GLOSSette here!!! If you know me I tend to like to try out products right when I buy then so I can review em for ya`ll. This time around that was not the case but hey I still go around to it so cut me some slack. I bought the NYC palette (prolly almost a year ago) when it first same out and I found out about it from a Youtube guru Camil by the username misszxcee.

Originally there were only 3 quads. One for brown eyes (Union Square), one for blue eyes (Bryant Park), and one for green eyes (Central Park). Now they also have 3 other quads for the same eye colors but in the smokey edition.

I guess they were so popular at the time that my drugstore ran out of the brown and blue eyes quads that I ended up getting the green eyes ones. Honestly, any palette that is said to enhance eye color and make them pop… I mean its true but doesn’t mean you can’t use the other colors. The green quad looked like colors I generally used anyways (neutrally ones) so I didn’t think it was weird to pick it up. And for 5 bucks which included a primer and an illuminator (I knew I wouldn’t use it cuz I am oily skin).

It comes in quite a boxy quad. It is not as thin like other quads and trios from the drugstore but unless you are toting it around then it shouldn’t matter. It is also lightweight so if you do wanna tote it around it won’t make your makeup bag heavy. When you open it, it comes with a plastic top which labels each shadow for what it is used for (starting from the bottom shade) hightlighter, all over the lid, crease/contour, crease/contour. On the side there are primer (peachy skin tone color) and illuminator (shimmery white) which are both labeled as well. You obviously don’t have to use the shades for what it’s meant for.

When I first swatched the shadows with my finger I didn’t feel it being silky like a lot of good pigmented eyeshadows (some of which you can find at drugstores of even ELF). Since it was not silky to touch it did not swatch very pigmented at all. The darker shades are obviously more pigmented since they are darker in general. You can see in the swatches that the lighter two shades hardly show up. The sample swatches I’ve done (shown below) are swatched with a brush with the “primer” underneath it.

The shadows crease horribly when you use it with the given primer. AND the colors don’t stay put all day. I tried it with other trustworthy base/primer and the shadows creased less (still creased) and the pigmentation wore off throughout the day. My lids crease more so than others… I have Asian eyes with double lids (not mono lids) and the crease closest to the inner corners of my eyes crease A LOT!!. You may not have a creasing problem if you use a good primer and if you don’t tend to crease often. Whatever you do don’t use the given primer. I have not tested out the illuminator since I have oily skin. It could be used as a brow highlight or a cheek highlight. Creasing will not be an issue but I doubt there is any lasting power to those babies.

I don’t understand how the primer and highlight shades work. They’re the same colors for all the palettes. Primer especially, not everyone is that skintone. What about those with darker skin tones? It would work if they provided a white base cuz the would be versatile for all skintones and would also make the colors pop.

Overall, if you want a palette that can do EVERYTHING for your eyes (think about it… comes with primer and illuminator) and for 5 bucks yes considering lots of eyeshadows in drugstore have upped the price. But honestly you can find other eyeshadows that are better quality, crease less and last longer for an affordable price.

Verdit: 1/ 5 (the rating would be higher but the fact that I don’t use this palette anymore it was a waste of 5 bucks but great review for ya’ll)


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I am just an average gal in her mid 20's trying to live life in this money eating world. I love all things to do with makeup, beauty, organization, and living on a budget. I have two Youtube channels "xxlostintranslationx" and "TheGLOSSette". My blog is just an extension of Youtube as well as quirky things I do and find in my daily life.
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