YAY or NAY? Bloom Mineral Plus Lip Butter

GLOSSette here!!! I was browsing London Drugs, a local Canadian drugstore, in the clearance section not long ago and I came across some Bloom products. I have only vaguely heard of the name before. They seemed to be more mid/high end type makeup products. Yes our drugstores do carry some higher end products even Elizabeth Arden and such. Shoppers Drug Mart carry more of them high end cosmetics than London Drugs. The price was seriously insane so I decided to try some Bloom products out. I always hate trying out new products in the clearance section cuz 99.99% of the time these products are discontinued or no longer selling it at the place where I purchased it. What if I like the product? Well then its too bad.

The Bloom Mineral Plus Lip Butters were originally $27.00 CDN and on sale for $2.99. I mean… it doesn’t get any cheaper than that. And you know me, I like my products cheap but still good quality. I think the price stumped me so much that I had to pick one up. I didn’t even think of the fact that it is in a jar. I HATE jar lip products. I have never tried any jar lip products that were moisturizing enough for me… well with the exception of vaseline. And of course you have to dig your fingers in so that isn’t so great when you are out and about.

I picked up a neutral color so that it can be more wearable. I tried it, trying my hardest to enjoy and love it, and I just had zero hope for this jar. At least this isn’t a Philosophy product that is “Hope in a Jar” or else I would really hate myself for spending this unnecessary amount of money. I would assume it would be moisturizing since it claims to be a “lip butter”. Just like body butters, they are more hydrating then a body lotion. I had to swatch the product many times before I can get it pigmented and creamy enough to apply to my lips. It was dry and unmoisturizing. You know that feeling where you just want to take it off your lips once you have it on. The color was alright, earthy brown tone.

I’m pretty sure this product is discontinued. It is not listed on the Bloom’s website. However, if you do decide to try them out they can be available on Amazon and Ebay. Maybe you will get an undrying jar of awesomeness.

Verdict: 1/5 😦


About GLOSSette

I am just an average gal in her mid 20's trying to live life in this money eating world. I love all things to do with makeup, beauty, organization, and living on a budget. I have two Youtube channels "xxlostintranslationx" and "TheGLOSSette". My blog is just an extension of Youtube as well as quirky things I do and find in my daily life.
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