YAY OR NAY? Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

GLOSSette here!!! I thought I would start a summer beauty series both on my blog and on my beauty channel. I have a video where I talk more about this summer series and where you can request videos. Those videos will be posted randomly throughout the summer. The blog will do the same every Wednesday till the end of August.

This week I thought I would start by sharing with you a product that is very essential for the summer… LIP BALMS! Check out my summer beauty must-haves video if you haven’t already! I find that my lips tend to get very dried and cracked when the weather is super hot or super cold. Also when I go in and out the pool/beach.

I picked up the Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo from Sephora for the free birthday gift if you have the Sephora Beauty Insider card. When I saw how small they were I was kinda disappointed. Last year they had the Philosophy body wash. I didn’t know at the time that you can actually get the free gift without purchasing any items so I didn’t go and the deadline to get one passed.

It comes in a pack of two with a tinted one in the color RosĂ© (cherry red) and a clear one. They come in .08oz which is half the full size (.15oz). The scent is that of lemon meringue pie. I’m not too fond of that scent because it reminds me of traditional liquid dish soap which also come in that fresh lemon scent.

At first the product applies really smooth and it seems quite moisturizing. However, the moisture does not penetrate into the lips. It is too oily to use as a moisturizing base before applying lipsticks or lipglosses. I would compare it to the oiliness of Vaseline. In that case I rather buy Vaseline cuz a huge tub of it is only few bucks whereas this one is $22.50 USD. I would never buy a lip balm that expensive let alone one that doesn’t work. My mom is very picky about her lip balms cuz she has super dried lips. Even the one she uses is only $5.99 and at the price its hella expensive in price point for lip balms.

The tinted one (there are 5 different ones in the collection) does give a good amount of color to the lips so I suppose if you want a quick no need mirror to apply type lip product you can consider it. But for a color that doesn’t last I wouldn’t pay the price. If you want a good tinted lip balm check out my Nivea Lip Balms Review.

I didn’t even know the product has SPF in it till I Googled the product for specifications before writing this review. There are other better lip balms that have SPF too. I would give it some credit though for including SPF15 which is minimum amount you need. People generally don’t tend to remember to apply SPF on the lips.

Overall I would not recommend this product for the fact that it is too expensive for a lip balm and yet it does not work at all. BUT HEY… it was great testing it out for free nonetheless.

Verdict: 1/5


About GLOSSette

I am just an average gal in her mid 20's trying to live life in this money eating world. I love all things to do with makeup, beauty, organization, and living on a budget. I have two Youtube channels "xxlostintranslationx" and "TheGLOSSette". My blog is just an extension of Youtube as well as quirky things I do and find in my daily life.
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