Dry & Cracked Feet? Worry No More!!!

GLOSSette here. Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful summer. It started to get very hot last couple days so I was able to enjoy some sun and heat. I find that my feet tend to get more dried and cracked in the summer? Don’t you?!?

I think the reasoning is that we are wearing more open toe type shoes such as sandals, flip flops, flat, heels, and wedges. These kinds of shoes tend to be less supportive. I try to find shoes that are comfortable and even then the shoes have a very flat sole. After wearing it for a long time i find my foot ends up getting super dried. Also not having my feet covered in a soft layer aka socks really makes a difference too. I mean that’s just my reasoning but regardless…. I have some tips as to how you can combat dry feet.

STEP #1: EXFOLIATE! You can set up a time to pamper yourselves, have it as a “Girl’s Night In” or just do so when you shower. Do it as often as you like but at least once a week. Any exfoliator will work. The coarser the better. You don’t have to worry about it hurting cuz the skin on the bottoms of your feet are usually thicker than that of your face. You can also use a pumice or foot file to get rid of caluses and dead skin on your feet. That sounds gross but doing it will help soften your feet… trust me.

STEP #2: MOISTURIZE! You can use a number of things to moisturize your feet. The thicker the better. If you get a foot spa kinda stuff which you can get at drugstores. Sometimes I find them at Winners. They come with the peppermint lotion or balm type thing. You really don’t need that. Something as simple as Vaseline will work. A huge tub of it is only few dollars at the drugstore and you can even use it for many other things like dried elbows/knees or chapped lips. Rub it into your feet as best as you can to make sure the oil gets into the feet and not just on the surface.

If the dryness isn’t too bad OR if you need to be walking around after you moisturize your feet, I would suggest you using a body butter. Any of those tub kinds will do. I prefer these over lotions cuz lotions are too thin and runny. I love the ones from Victoria’s Secret or even Bath & Body Works.

I also LOVE the triple moisturize body creams from Bath & Body Works. They are more portable and you don’t have to dig your fingers into them. To me they are just as moisturizing as body butters. Again NO to the lotions.

STEP #3: PUT ON SOME SOCKS! This will help lock in the moisture. However, if it gets too hot in the summer (which I find is the case sadly), try to do this in the evening before bed so that after you moisturize your feet you don’t need to be walking around. I love wearing cute socks. I mean no one is going to see you in them well just the people who live with you but so what.

STEP #4: MOISTURIZE EVERY NIGHT! Even on days or nights that you don’t exfoliate it is still important to moisturize your feet to help it stay soft and smooth. In this case you don’t have to use Vaseline but a body butter would work. PLUS I don’t like to designate a cream just for my feet. I use the same one I use for my whole body.

These tips will help your feet look amazing so you can show them off when you wear your pretty summer shoes. Try em out. Lemme know how it goes 🙂


About GLOSSette

I am just an average gal in her mid 20's trying to live life in this money eating world. I love all things to do with makeup, beauty, organization, and living on a budget. I have two Youtube channels "xxlostintranslationx" and "TheGLOSSette". My blog is just an extension of Youtube as well as quirky things I do and find in my daily life.
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