My Filofax Week #4

GLOSSette here!!! WOW I can’t believe we made it to week 4. I am so proud of myself to be able to stick to a diary layout for sooooo long. This week is a tad bland though since I got real sick. I’m all better now cept the runny nose and cough. Those things tend to linger on a bit longer for me at least. AND when you are sick… the FF is not your best friend. I feel bad for MR OSCAR BUUTTTTTTTTT I did fill him up with couple sayings/quotes. Take a look 🙂


About GLOSSette

I am just an average gal in her mid 20's trying to live life in this money eating world. I love all things to do with makeup, beauty, organization, and living on a budget. I have two Youtube channels "xxlostintranslationx" and "TheGLOSSette". My blog is just an extension of Youtube as well as quirky things I do and find in my daily life.
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1 Response to My Filofax Week #4

  1. Pam says:

    I like to little sticker that you have on your pages. I did look at your you tube video, but I did not catch the name of them. Hope you are feeling better.

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