Christmas From A Kid

christmas kid

GLOSSette here! Hope ya’ll are in a very festive holiday spirit. I am starting to come down with a cold which I hate at this time of year. I’m popping Tylenol and Fishermen cough drops. Such is life… BUT I received something extra special at work yesterday.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned what my “day” job is but I do work with kids in a out of school care program. I started in August so only a short 4 to 5 months. Since the school year started in Sept I worked for two months with the grade 1’s and 2’s. They are such lovely kids. Some of the little boys can be brats at times lol. There’s this little girl (very cute I must say) who I talk to a lot cuz she doesn’t have anyone to play with. She plays with the boys sometimes cuz she LOVES Pokemon cards. I think she has over 100 cards.

So for only two months I didn’t think she’d get me anything. I mean I do still see her at work and sometimes I work / help out with the little little ones like her. I didn’t think any kids would get me anything. Some have already given us joint gifts of luxurious box of chocolates which we are all just chowing down like vultures.

She came up to me yesterday right before she left to give me a small present. I thought that she gave one to each staff. When I saw only one other staff had it I didn’t want to brag or say anything. I felt so special since the other staff is the supervisor for the little ones. My co-coworker thought the gift was for all to share until she saw her name on the gift.

I wonder if she picked out the gifts or not. The fruit shaped soap is a new line of products from The Body Shop that is said to be great stocking stuffers for kids on their website. And of course no Christmas gift is complete without some chocolates. Anywhoo without further rambling… HERE IT IS!

christmas kids


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