About Me

My name is Joy aka GLOSSette. I’ll kinda briefly explain how I got my nickname. I was in a career planning course in the summer of 2009. Long story short, a lady (in her mid/late 30’s) named me GLOSSette after the Glossette Raisins. She said I was fun/sweet on the outside and very nurturing/nutritious on the inside. I have the “gloss” part in caps b/c I make beauty videos so it fits perfectly.
Now that you know how that nickname is formed… I will begin to explain in short (well not quite as short as I am  LOL) about me and how I started this blog so ya’ll can have some background information. I started my blog as an extension of my YouTube channel, which still holds true as of today. At the time I had one channel which has now expanded to two. I started watching Youtube videos in 2007 under my first channel. I had a friend (and is still my friend) who found out about Youtube and started to post videos…. the ones where you ship different characters from shows and make music video type things out of them. She told me about Youtube and I got an account and started to watch comedy videos such as  nigahiga and happyslip and singer-songwriters such as DavidChoi.
It wasn’t till 2 months before I started making beauty related videos on that channel that I was watching makeup videos on Youtube. I think I had a video recommended to me on the bottom of the main page. The first couple people I watched were littleashash87 and brittkneegirl1. I was like HEY… I love makeup I can do this too. Plus I had a webcam at the time though it was a crappy one… you know you have to attach it to your computer. So on June 5, 2009 I started my first video which was my lipstick and lipgloss collection. In December of 2010 I started my new channel due to some negative comments on my first channel. I kept my old channel so people can continue to watch my old videos and continued to make beauty related videos on my new one.
When I started my first channel I was very obsessed with makeup. I got even more into makeup the more I made videos and the more Youtube I watched in the beauty community. I am a late bloomer in the makeup world so to speak since I did not start wearing makeup till I after high school. Even then I just wore eyeliner, mascara, and some face powder. At the time (when I started making videos) I didn’t have a job so I didn’t have much money to spare to buy excess of makeup but nonetheless I did. A year later, I started a new program in school thus became a broke college student. During that time I watched a lot of “back to school” videos made by the beauty community you know about school supplies, organizational tips, what’s in my backpack, and such.
This was when I decided to revive my original channel back into beauty videos and keeping my new channel for vlogs and organizational stuff. I still love makeup, I wear it every chance I get,  but sadly to say I am not as obsessed with it anymore. I am still without a job and I find it more justifyable to buy excess of school supplies and other organizational things than makeup. Those things will help me stay organized and are very practical. This doesn’t mean I am no longer buying new makeup or making beauty videos.
I am a very budget friendly person since I don’t have much money. I love cutting out coupons and buying things when they are on sale. Everything you see on this blog whether its makeup, storage ideas, fashion, and so forth will be very affordable. So things in the nature of drugstore (I live walking distance to 3 of them) and the dollar store. I do shop at other store too such as Staples, Sephora, MAC, Forever21, The Real Canadian Superstore just to name a few.
I guess you love me so much that you read my long-winded introduction. I will thank you very much!
I am not a professional makeup artist, health expert, or professional organizer.  I learn everything through experience and Youtube. All the companies and products I promote are all from the goodness of my heart. I like it… I share it on my blog. I am not paid by any company to showcase anything. If I do receive a product for free, I will mention it as a disclaimer below that post. Also, if a picture is not taken by me,  it use belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement.

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