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Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Just a quick post on why you should wash your face twice a day. My mom always says there is no need especially for her since she has really dry skin she just kinda tones in the morning and washes … Continue reading

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How to tell if a skincare/makeup product is really natural?

Natural skincare and makeup products are very “IN” these days b/c they are great for the skin and great for the environment. A lot of people think that if a product is labeled natural that there is 95-100% natural ingredients in it. If you are like the rest of them you are WRONG!
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Sponge Tip Applicators – Misconceptions

If you are a makeup artist or just any average girl that likes makeup, you probably hate these. These are thing tings that come in duo, trio, or quad eyeshadows mostly when you buy from drugstore. And the first thing you do when you get your palette you are so happy to toss them out of your sight. DUN DUN DUN…
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Johnson’s Baby Oil – Different Ways To Use It

Here is a great tip using a product you can find at a drugstore for a very decent price. Based on the title… you’ve guessed it. BABY OIL!! It can be any brand. I have only tried the Johnson’s Baby Oil b/c my skin sometimes react to certain products and I thought this is a well trusted brand. So I can’t speak for the quality of other brands. Continue reading

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How to get rid of large pores for oily skin

Here are some tips I learned on youtube for getting rid of (kinda) large pores for oily skin. If you have large pores you know what I mean. They are on the cheek area near your nose and they are ANNOYING. Continue reading

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