Filofax Saved My Life!

GLOSSette here!!! Was meaning to post this when it happened few weeks ago but I just got to busy juggling two part-time jobs. You know its harder doing two part-time jobs than to do one full-time job. If you’ve been there done that then you know what I mean. Anywhoo, if you are down for a story time…. well you’ve come to the right place.

A month ago on a Saturday I was nannying a 4.5 year old boy. Usually I would drive to their house but since my mom’s car needs fixing (if you have been a avid follower of my blog you’d know) I had to transit. Taking a bus and a skytrain is fine since skytrains run every 3 to 5 mins. This was the first time in my life I had to get somewhere by 3 busses. You can’t really predict the timing when you are taking a bus. My second bus left the station late and it was also during rush hour.


I ended up getting to my third bus late. And that bus only runs every half hour. I had the lady’s cell number on my phone so I called her every couple of minutes but she didn’t pick up. Luckily I was carrying my Filofax with me so I had her home number in the contacts section. Who said its lame to jot down contact via paper and pen??!! It saved my life. She came and picked me up even tho was 10 mins after I was supposed to be at their house.

Moral of the story… carry your Filofax with you everywhere and don’t feel lame or old school about using the contacts section.

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My Filofax Week 9

GLOSSette here!!! I can’t believe I’ve made it through more than 2 months of using the same diary layout. WOOT! This week I tried getting back to my Filofax. I don’t like writing in it too much in advance in case things change. But I also get so tired the night before that I don’t feel like writing in my Filofax. So…. I write in it first thing in the morning when I’m enjoying my cup of coffee and watching Youtube videos. Monday I had to cover with a sheet of blank paper because it didn’t like it the way I wrote in it before. Friday I wrote a mini packing list cuz I was going to the States the next day for shopping. If the list was any longer I would attach a sticky note instead of writing it in the day.

I can’t wait for the 2013 cotton cream week on two page diary. I already added couple weeks of January into my Filofax. I loved it since I first got it because it has even spaces per day and a notes section. BUT I didn’t realize till a few days ago (when I added it to my FF) that the quality of the paper is way better. Hopefully there will be less show through. I get show through from highlighting over the text. Anywhoo without further ado here is my week 9!


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My Filofax Week 8

GLOSSette here!!! This week is another normal week not much going on. But on Monday I did have another Starbucks drink and I love all the holiday stuff especially the Caramel Brulé Latte. What is/are your favorite drink? Also on the side is a sneak peek of my Christmas Planner tab. I have been working on it since Saturday and is all done and ready to use. I will do a video on it this if you haven’t already start planning for Christmas. If you are having people over for a meal or two you should start NOW!


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My Filofax Week 7

GLOSSette here!!! I seriously can’t believe that this week went by so fast. I was still in a rut the first couple of days being real tired and all from having not enough sleep the Saturday night previous which goes into Sunday (ruining my whole Sunday). I tried writing in my Filofax more as the weeks went on as I found it made me happy and helps me stay on track.

I had an awesome weekend by the way. I was originally dredding it since I had zero plans on Fri evening and it was the long weekend. I did do some retail therapy though. Saturday I had to finish up work at my morning job (hours are flexible so I went in the late afternoon) then yeah youth/young adult group at my church which is called FUSE. Guess what?? I scored on the final score in fooseball for the first time in my life. Probably just a fluke but I’m so happy I’m going to boast about it lol. Sunday I did my usual but I ended up hanging out with my friend for like 18 hours. It was the best just to catch up, watch movies, and eat yummy food (chili, sliced Harvarti cheese with salami, Lindor’s chocolate)

Wishing you the best of this week…. very excited cuz its a 4 day work week (today is Remembrance Day). Hope ya’ll had an amazing weekend!!!


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My Filofax Week 5 & 6

GLOSSette here! I was so busy last week since there has been some very personal things going on my mom’s side of the family which she had to tend to so I had to cover for her for work. That means I’m working 2 jobs totalling at 33 hours a week. For some it isn’t much but instead of one job its 2 so thats why its more work if you get my drift. I also had a Halloween party at my church last Sunday hence I wasn’t able to post week #5.

Since I was so busy I didn’t have much time to fill out much on my weekly pages. This week (well I meant last week aka week 6) I tried filling in more since I missed writing in my Filofax. I find it so fun and soothing but when I’m super tired and busy I just don’t want to do anything but watch YouTube videos and go to sleep. Anywhoo I hope you enjoy seeing it nonetheless.


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My Filofax Week #4

GLOSSette here!!! WOW I can’t believe we made it to week 4. I am so proud of myself to be able to stick to a diary layout for sooooo long. This week is a tad bland though since I got real sick. I’m all better now cept the runny nose and cough. Those things tend to linger on a bit longer for me at least. AND when you are sick… the FF is not your best friend. I feel bad for MR OSCAR BUUTTTTTTTTT I did fill him up with couple sayings/quotes. Take a look 🙂


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Creating Lists With My Filofax

GLOSSette here!!! WOW being sick is horrible. I was going to film an updated look at Oscar (aka my personal Cuban) but it was just awful with a cough and a raspy voice. I have since added quite a few things to my Filofax. I was inspired by “paperlovestory” to start writing lists. I find when I write it in my Filofax I tend to read them more often and thus the lists being more meaningful and useful instead of it tucked away in some binder that I hardly open. There are other updates which I will talk about in my video as well as more detailed blog posts to come.

I still kept my basic “to-do list” section but I no longer use the Filofax to-do sheets cuz the line spacing is too large for my liking. I like the typical spiral notebook college ruled size of lines. It isn’t too narrow like some inserts from some organiser brands which I will not name names. I use basic white lined sheets from Day Timer and ones with fancy borders from a 50-sheet notepad from Staples, which is 5×7 which I must of course cut to size with my scrapbooking paper cutter I recently got. I have yet to try the lined paper from Filofax but they seem to be pretty good tho.

I also have a finance and health section that includes few lists. The Finance section is just to keep track of my finances but on the first page is some budgeting related goals. The health section are mostly things I collected from various websites and printed out onto a binder. I then just transferred the info I wanted to refer to often in my Filofax. I also included some healthy eating goals on the first page to help me stay on track.


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