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Burt’s Bees – Eco-friendly Skincare

This is the most eco-friendliest skincare brand that I have ever found in the beauty industry. Some brands claim to be paraben free but they also include other ingredients that are not so great for the skin. Parabens have been a huge issue in terms of cosmetics and skincare so if your concerned go check out my post all about parabens. You just gotta note that if something is that great Continue reading

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How to tell if a skincare/makeup product is really natural?

Natural skincare and makeup products are very “IN” these days b/c they are great for the skin and great for the environment. A lot of people think that if a product is labeled natural that there is 95-100% natural ingredients in it. If you are like the rest of them you are WRONG!
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Review – Physicians Formula 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer

So recently I have found that my skin has been really good to me due to good skincare routine. Click on YIPPEE to watch my updated skincare vid for oily skin. I wanted something that is not heavy coverage for days that I’m not doing too much (going to the grocery store, etc). I have tried Physicians Formula products in both the Organic Wear line and the Mineral Wear line and I am so happy with it. With that said, I was not hesitant to get the Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer even tho at the store I bought it at did not have a tester so I couldn’t test the color or consistency of the product. Continue reading

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